Friday, August 8, 2014

No power outage here

Observations from the West Virginia Power

Best team store name so far - the Power Outlet. 

Downtown Charleston, W.V., is a great location for a Class A-level ballpark. There is a high hill nearby with a cemetery overlooking the field. A hospital next door means plenty of foot traffic that made us feel safe about our car being parked at a meter a few blocks from the park. Warehouses windows across the street from left make inviting home run targets.

The logos are baseballs with pirate hats and eyepatches, to salute the parent Pittsburgh Pirates. A previous Charleston team was named the Charlies, so the mascot is Chuck the Pirate. 

Besides the five teams close to Charlotte, this is another close one, where it's not out of the question to drive straight up I-77 for a game and come back without having to pay to spend the night. A day game would be very easy, with an early start.

Power's Carolinas Connections

3B Chris Diaz, N.C. State