Friday, August 8, 2014

Everything is StacheTastic in Lexington, Ky.

Observations from the Lexington Legends

The mascot is Big L, a hefty fella with bats crossed over his shoulders and an enormous handlebar mustache. The StacheTastic theme is everywhere.

Tuesdays feature 37-cent hot dogs, sponsored by the Ford F-150, which they say has been the top-selling pickup truck for 37 straight years. Pretty cheap dinner.

Section 203 was a great view and angle for $10, but it took a few innings to identify a strange sound every 90 seconds or so - it turned out to be the rotating advertising sign in front of the section.

It was hard to take seriously a promotion for Hearing Loss Awareness night a few days after our visit that also included fireworks. Why not go ahead and destroy what's left of folks' hearing?

Legends' Carolinas Connections

Pitcher Matt Tenuta, Apex High (son of Jon Tenuta, Virginia defensive coordinator. He was also the defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach at North Carolina in 2001 and was the linebackers coach at N.C. State from 2010-12.